Common Problems with Cheap Auto Insurance

In order to save money, many discount insurance companies skimp on customer service – sometimes there isn’t even a live person to talk to, as automation is cheaper than hiring multiple people. Customer service agents and claim departments might lack quality. This can be frustrating as the customer, and can sometimes lead to problems not getting solved. Security also comes into play. You often have to give credit card numbers, addresses, and social security numbers when applying for and purchasing insurance. To save money, the discount insurance company may not spend much on security – putting you and your identity at risk.

As you can see, cheap auto insurance companies might not be so cheap after all. You often save money initially, but you lose out on coverage, service, quality, and security. If you are faced with an insurance claim, you might be out of a car for months, and if you don’t have the proper coverage, it might cost you thousands of dollars. With the proper research, you can find many reputable and high quality insurance companies out there that give you great value for your money. Find such insurance companies here

Relaxing into who you are…

Diane Young of Circle of One, Reiki Master, Teacher of Axiatonal Alignment, Yoga, Learning Path Integrated Technique and Akashic RecordsCircle of One is all about transformation: the snake shedding its skin, the cocoon turning into a butterfly, and the ugly duckling turning into a swan. It’s about you shedding who you aren’t and relaxing into who you are, with grace and courage.

I work with people who are ready to change their lives, whether that be to relax or energize, to gain clarity and focus, to learn different responses to situations, or simply to find answers held within. I can be with you easily on Skype or on the phone, if you are not in Toronto. Car insurance rates WA | Hattiesburg, MS | Low income car insurance Beaverton, OR

We will work and transform together using Reiki, Learning Path Integrated Technique and Axiatonal Alignment. We may add breathing techniques or stretches from yoga and meditation techniques. We may use crystals, chakra alignments and balancing and grounding exercises. Book an appointment by email ( or by phone (416.320.8524). Sessions are approximately 90 minutes.

You may also decide to study one or more of these techniques, so that you are able to do some of the work/play yourself (healing need not be super serious). Classes are available on an ongoing basis. If you don’t see what you want scheduled, let me know and we’ll set something up. Some classes are available online, as well.

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Enjoy exploring the techniques on the site.